Git, the Linux kernel, and other projects. 2

So every now and then I hear: – We’re falling short on git. It wasn’t designed for big projects. [often in the context of game development] – Is your project as big as the Linux Kernel? No? I thought so. I find this extremely misleading. Not because the Linux Kernel isn’t […]

Compiling & Running Lithosphere 4

So I got interested into terrain editing software. Of the little free stuff I tried, I was marveled by lithosphere. However it lacked some important UX enhancements (like undo/redo, saving to PNG, or a useful open/save file dialog). It’s Open Source written in Python, so I tried to give it […]

VR applications outside of games

So, Oculus is out. Gaming is the main hype, the price is controversial, and I saw a couple of tweets about being excited for VR applications outside of games, but without clue on what to do or where to start. I personally think VR outside of gaming has much more […]

Slides de la EVA 2015 1

Tal como prometí, subí los slides de mi charla en la EVA 2015 realizada en Mar del Plata. FreelanceExportacionArgentinaEnBlanco.7z  

DX12 Do’s and Don’ts, a couple remarks

So, I saw NVIDIA’s Do’s and Don’ts. Thanks NV! It’s useful. Go check it out if you haven’t already. But beware a couple gotchas, like, there’s a few bits that are NV specific that I feel should be talked about: Be aware of the fact that there is a cost […]

Maybe it’s time to talk about a new Linux Display Driver Model 11

With new APIs being all the rave (Vulkan, D3D12, Metal), Steam OS pushing for Linux gaming. Even I myself encounter myself doing more and more graphics work in a Linux machine. After quite some time of graphics development on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine it has called to my attention that […]

OgreMeshy 1.6 released!

It has caught my attention that Ogre Meshy was unable to load 1.10 meshes. It was time for a maintenance release. As a bonus, I ported the tool to wxWidgets 3.0 and compatibility with Ubuntu 14.04 was improved. RTSS support was a community addition. It doesn’t seem to be working […]

RakNet, SWIG and a nasty Garbage Collector bug.

We’ve been hunting for months a very rare crash that was driving us nuts. It was further obfuscated because a SEH exception (a nasty one) was being caught by C# and being rethrown as a completely different exception (that looked like an innocent one). If you use RakNet + SWIG […]

Direct3D11 vs OpenGL4.4 in 2015, an experience review 5

In Ogre 2.1 we’ve modernized the whole engine. We started by adopting OpenGL 4.4 as our main API, and then we adopted D3D11 as well. It’s been an enlightening experience. From a performance point of view there is no definitive answer “OpenGL is always faster” or “D3D11 is always faster”, because the […]

Things I would like to see in GLNext 2

The thing is OpenGL 4.4/4.5 is actually quite good. But there’s soooo much technical baggage behind it; there was a discussion in Twitter but Twitter’s 140 char limit is not enough for this. So well, here’s my expectations of GLNext: Unified GLSL compiler. This is actually been promised as a […]