Solución: La página de AFIP no permite eliminar adherentes de Obra Social

La página de AFIP siempre está llena de actualizaciones, muchas de ellas innecesarias. Y sucede que en la última actualización algunos se habrán encontrado con la sorpresa que es imposible eliminar un adherente de Obra Social del Monotributo. El caso en cuestión se trataba de un allegado cuyo familiar adherente había […]


Note: This post is made from a non-EU provider perspective. However many points raised concern both EU and non-EU sellers. Disclaimer: This post tries to cover the subject as generically and objetively as possible. Take in mind that every Country in the world has its own Laws and your situation […]

The Sorted Vector pattern Part II 2

This is a continuation of Part I In Part I, we learned about the Sorted Vector as a replacement for map where iteration, lookups and memory overhead per element matter, while we cared little about insertions and removals. However the examples were rather simple: Keys are strings or integers. What […]

Website blocked in several countries and broken links.

I’ve known for a while that users from at least the following countries have been blocked access to my website. That was driving me nuts. Probably you’ve been having difficulties until yesterday if you’re from: Australia Israel Malaysia Other Middle East countries. Probably other countries as well. You would just […]