Post GSoC future.

Phew! GSoC is over. It’s been rough. A lot of fun. I’d hope it could last 3 more months, and we would get Ogre in an awesome state. Well, back to our weekends-only contributions; though I’ll probably be making a few more commits as I’m still accelerated and with some […]

Threading Ogre 2.0 benchmark 5

Threading results were disappointing. Well, I was expecting 4x improvement on my quad core machine. The result was between 35-40% improvement which is still something. After a closer look, I ended up concluding that at 250×250 instances we’re memory bandwidth bound (i.e. disabling all math in UpdateAllTransforms and just doing […]

Shadow mapping… Oops 2

So, I hit my wall against the head for two days… err my head against the wall, as I couldn’t solve a design problem with shadow mapping. I kept fixing an issue, cleaning what shouldn’t be necessary, then the compiler suddenly complains of yet another problem. For some reason I’ve […]

A legitimate example case of __forceinline 2

There’s a lot of¬†mysticism regarding inline & __forceinline¬†even thought it is documented. What Microsoft tells us is that __forceinline turns off cost/benefit analysis of inlining, and tries to honour the developer’s request (note that it tries, it can’t do that always). Often developers are told the compiler knows what’s best […]

Ogre 2.0 Memory Manager slides uploaded (GSoC)

I”ve uploaded ODT & PDF slides with a brief overview of how the Memory Managers in Ogre 2.0 work (NodeMemoryManager & ObjectMemoryManager) so they don’t look so black box magic. I wrote them while I waited for Ogre to compile (and I do that often…). It doesn’t take too long, […]

Ogre 2.0 Few Entities - Animated

Ogre 2.0 is up to 3x faster 2

…and I’m biased like no one! Now that I’ve got your attention with such pretentious title :), let’s clear a few things: This is an unfair comparison. More than half of Ogre features are disabled (because they do not compile or would crash). It’s possible that adding them back could […]