Post GSoC future.

Phew! GSoC is over. It’s been rough. A lot of fun. I’d hope it could last 3 more months, and we would get Ogre in an awesome state.

Well, back to our weekends-only contributions; though I’ll probably be making a few more commits as I’m still accelerated and with some loose ends to tie up.

I’ll probably have to port this list to the wiki, but I’m posting here first. What needs to be done from here (no particular order):

  • Adapt Aabb according to LightType in Light
  • Get BillboardSet, BillboardChain, RibbonTrails, Particle FX working again
  • Compositor: Resize textures when main render window changes
  • PSSM split points material binding
  • SSE2: Newton rapshon method for inverse squares should be optional and off by default (determinism!)
  • Implement PASS_STENCIL
  • C port of ArrayMath
  • Shadow mapping cameras shouldn’t be taken into account when building light list
  • Change how Camera Relative rendering works – Relative offset (Root vs permanent)
  • Fill CompositorPassSceneDef::mShadowMapIdx automatically in CompositorShadowNodeDef::_validateAndFinish
  • Add CompositorPassDef::mNumInitialPasses script syntax
  • Implement PASS_RESOLVE
  • Add full static to instancing
  • Get SampleBrowser compiling again

Don’t try to help me on these ones, I’ll be covering them this week or the next one.

Where I could use some help:

These ones are easy (may be reenabling lod isn’t?) and can easily be done:

  • Compositor textures can be read from materials (compositor_type)
  • Give a hint of node count for each depth level (and RQ) to the ArrayMemoryManagers
  • Write double precision ArrayMath using SSE2
  • Move OGRE_USE_SIMD & OGRE_RESTRICT_ALIASING to OgreBuildSettings.h (CMake)
  • Reenable LOD
  • Move auto tracking nodes out of SceneNode.
  • Move initial position out of Node

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