Not everything is Gold (yet): Animations

I’ve spent a lot of time bragging explaining and showing Ogre 2.0 performing faster than it’s predecessor.

However something came up while I was doing some testing: Objects with animations were running slower.

A closer look blamed the culprit: All animations are being updated every frame. Regardless of whether they are actually dirty.

So if Ogre 1.9 ran at 100 fps while all animations were paused and at 25 fps when all animated entities were being animated; Ogre 2.0 runs at 25 fps all the time.

It’s a side effect from the refactor since we were spending a lot of time micro-tracking the state of dirty objects.

The thing is… I didn’t refactor animations (yet!). Hence, they’re slow. This is part of the schedule.

I’ve got a very good idea of what needs to be done to get animations faster than Ogre 1.x ever was; but for the time being; Ogre 2.0 is slower on this aspect.

Unless of course, all your entities are animated every frame.

This is most visible on synthetic benchs were all animations are not updated. Nonetheless some games/applications may suffer this problem; and it will get fixed in the short-medium term.

Ogre 2.0 just begins, it doesn’t end here đŸ˜‰

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