Monthly Archives: September 2013

Ogre 2.0 Porting Manual DRAFT Published

I’ve upload a DRAFT of Ogre 2.0┬áPorting Manual. It can be downloaded in PDF format from the following two mirrors: MIRROR 1 MIRROR 2 For those interesting in write access, you can download it in ODT format. The forum thread has been updated as well as the wiki. The idea […]

Post GSoC future.

Phew! GSoC is over. It’s been rough. A lot of fun. I’d hope it could last 3 more months, and we would get Ogre in an awesome state. Well, back to our weekends-only contributions; though I’ll probably be making a few more commits as I’m still accelerated and with some […]

What I hate from OpenGL API 7

The OpenGL API sucks. It has gotten better over time, but still is miles away from what it should be. And probably, the API needs a redesign from scratch, something that was promised a long time ago but never happened. There’s often a talk about “API wars” or “DirectX vs […]

Not everything is Gold (yet): Animations

I’ve spent a lot of time bragging explaining and showing Ogre 2.0 performing faster than it’s predecessor. However something came up while I was doing some testing: Objects with animations were running slower. A closer look blamed the culprit: All animations are being updated every frame. Regardless of whether they […]

Threading Ogre 2.0 benchmark 5

Threading results were disappointing. Well, I was expecting 4x improvement on my quad core machine. The result was between 35-40% improvement which is still something. After a closer look, I ended up concluding that at 250×250 instances we’re memory bandwidth bound (i.e. disabling all math in UpdateAllTransforms and just doing […]

Shadow mapping… Oops 2

So, I hit my wall against the head for two days… err my head against the wall, as I couldn’t solve a design problem with shadow mapping. I kept fixing an issue, cleaning what shouldn’t be necessary, then the compiler suddenly complains of yet another problem. For some reason I’ve […]