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Ogre 2.0 Memory Manager slides uploaded (GSoC)

I”ve uploaded ODT & PDF slides with a brief overview of how the Memory Managers in Ogre 2.0 work (NodeMemoryManager & ObjectMemoryManager) so they don’t look so black box magic. I wrote them while I waited for Ogre to compile (and I do that often…). It doesn’t take too long, […]

Ogre 2.0 is up to 3x faster 2

…and I’m biased like no one! Now that I’ve got your attention with such pretentious title :), let’s clear a few things: This is an unfair comparison. More than half of Ogre features are disabled (because they do not compile or would crash). It’s possible that adding them back could […]

Ogre 2.0 Few Entities - Animated

On floating point determinism 7

It’s been recently on twitter a small discussion on floating point determinism. It started off as a C# talk, but then deviated in out of context quotes coming from multiple platforms and languages that added confusion; but it’s hard to explain it in 140 char limit. So, the issue I’m […]