Monthly Archives: July 2013

Ogre 2.0 Memory Manager slides uploaded (GSoC)

I”ve uploaded ODT & PDF slides with a brief overview of how the Memory Managers in Ogre 2.0 work (NodeMemoryManager & ObjectMemoryManager) so they don’t look so black box magic. I wrote them while I waited for Ogre to compile (and I do that often…). It doesn’t take too long, […]

Ogre 2.0 is up to 3x faster 2

…and I’m biased like no one! Now that I’ve got your attention with such pretentious title :), let’s clear a few things: This is an unfair comparison. More than half of Ogre features are disabled (because they do not compile or would crash). It’s possible that adding them back could […]

Ogre 2.0 Few Entities - Animated

Good bye AxisAlignedBox, Hello Aabb 7

For Ogre 2.0; I’m introducing the new class ‘Aabb’. For once, it has a shorter name 🙂 Aside from that, it’s exactly like an AxisAlignedBox, except it has different representation to store it’s data. AxisAlignedBox stores the bounds using the minimum and maximum corners of the box. Aabb instead uses the […]

On floating point determinism 7

It’s been recently on twitter a small discussion on floating point determinism. It started off as a C# talk, but then deviated in out of context quotes coming from multiple platforms and languages that added confusion; but it’s hard to explain it in 140 char limit. So, the issue I’m […]