OgreMeshy 1.6 released!

It has caught my attention that Ogre Meshy was unable to load 1.10 meshes. It was time for a maintenance release. As a bonus, I ported the tool to wxWidgets 3.0 and compatibility with Ubuntu 14.04 was improved. RTSS support was a community addition. It doesn’t seem to be working […]

RakNet, SWIG and a nasty Garbage Collector bug.

We’ve been hunting for months a very rare crash that was driving us nuts. It was further obfuscated because a SEH exception (a nasty one) was being caught by C# and being rethrown as a completely different exception (that looked like an innocent one). If you use RakNet + SWIG […]

Direct3D11 vs OpenGL4.4 in 2015, an experience review 5

In Ogre 2.1 we’ve modernized the whole engine. We started by adopting OpenGL 4.4 as our main API, and then we adopted D3D11 as well. It’s been an enlightening experience. From a performance point of view there is no definitive answer “OpenGL is always faster” or “D3D11 is always faster”, because the […]

Things I would like to see in GLNext 2

The thing is OpenGL 4.4/4.5 is actually quite good. But there’s soooo much technical baggage behind it; there was a discussion in Twitter but Twitter’s 140 char limit is not enough for this. So well, here’s my expectations of GLNext: Unified GLSL compiler. This is actually been promised as a […]

Uniform buffers vs texture buffers: The 2015 edition 3

There is an interesting post in rastergrid.com from 2010 about this topic. However, I haven’t found on the Internet more information about it; so I thought I should  blog about it. Every now and then I see this question pop up over and over again on GameDev.Net. Note that this […]



Note: This post is made from a non-EU provider perspective. However many points raised concern both EU and non-EU sellers. Disclaimer: This post tries to cover the subject as generically and objetively as possible. Take in mind that every Country in the world has its own Laws and your situation […]

TCP problems

I see Gleen Fiedler always struggling with people that repeatedly leaves a reply claiming that he knows nothing and should be always using TCP over UDP. Yet anyone developing a realtime application will laugh uncontrollably at such claims. Skype runs on UDP, many multiplayer FPS games run on UDP. VoIP runs […]

The Sorted Vector pattern Part II 2

This is a continuation of Part I In Part I, we learned about the Sorted Vector as a replacement for map where iteration, lookups and memory overhead per element matter, while we cared little about insertions and removals. However the examples were rather simple: Keys are strings or integers. What […]

Website blocked in several countries and broken links.

I’ve known for a while that users from at least the following countries have been blocked access to my website. That was driving me nuts. Probably you’ve been having difficulties until yesterday if you’re from: Australia Israel Malaysia Other Middle East countries. Probably other countries as well. You would just […]

“We don’t care really how long it takes” 2

This post is addressed to all the software dev. managers with this mentality, where a (probably manager) was honest in that they don’t care about Data Oriented Design (or any performance optimization strategy that requires some dev time, for that matter). A transcipt ensues: – We worry not so much […]